Working Groups

The APEX TC Working Groups function as subcommittees of the TC, each one focusing in on a particular new technology or technical issue as identified by the TC. These Working Groups examine the potential impact of these technologies and issues on IFE and develop recommendations, guidelines, technical specifications and other documents to address the challenges and opportunities presented.

The APEX Technology Committee forms individual Working Groups to focus on the emerging technologies most relevant to the inflight industry. Each Working Group establishes a mission statement and set of goals and project parameters with respect to its particular emerging technology. The Working Group then meets and works to complete these projects, which may range from a simple evaluation of the technology and its potential inflight applications to the creation of a formal Technical Specification.

Any APEX Member with an interest in a particular technology may join and participate in a Working Group. Working Groups conduct their work (via meetings, teleconference, web forums, etc.) separately from or in conjunction with the TC (general) Meetings and report their progress at these general meetings.


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