DVD Working Group


  • Digital Media Reproducer (DMR) Ad Hoc Subcommittee
    Co-Chairs: Amy McHaney, formerly of American Airlines; Peggy Bukar, formerly of United Airlines; Al McGowan, TEAC Aerospace Technologies
  • Smart Cards - Focused on the impact of high-function, microchip-based transaction cards on inflight entertainment, services, shopping, etc.
  • Satellite - Focused on the advances in satellite telecommunications and its applications for inflight voice and data transfer
  • Internet - Focused on the hardware, software and transfer protocols influencing Internet- and intranet-based inflight applications
  • Mass Storage - Focused on the new strides and challenges in data storage drives and media for inflight cabin applications
  • Program Content Delivery - Focused on developing guidelines for more efficient distribution schedules, cycles, and procedures among content distributors, film labs, and airlines
  • Cabin Systems Task Force - Focused on identifying those cabin systems issues/areas of greatest importance to IFE professionals and the proper structures and procedures for standard-making, project funding, etc.




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