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What are the Passenger Choice Awards?
The Passenger Choice Awards were established by the Airline Passenger Experience Association to give a voice to the traveling public and to recognize airline excellence and innovation. Any member of the public can take the online survey.

The winners are recognized at a yearly APEX Awards Ceremony that takes place at the APEX EXPO. The current categories include Best in Region, Best Overall (over and under 50 IFE Equipped In Fleet), Best Inflight Publication, Best IFE User Interface, Best Inflight Connectivity & Communications, Best Inflight Video, Best Cabin Ambiance, Best Food & Beverage and Best Ground Experience.

You are encouraged to direct your passengers to for the quick and easy survey.

How can I win?
Ultimately, your passengers will decide whether you deserve recognition, so it’s up to you to provide the best possible experience. But you can’t win if your passengers don’t vote! Encourage your passengers to take the survey by reminding them inflight, on your boarding passes, through airport signage and by using the promotional collateral that APEX has developed and made available to you.

How do I encourage passengers to vote?
Airlines can advertise the Passenger Choice Awards however they choose. Successful awareness campaigns use social media, email marketing, printed advertisements, inflight magazines, announcements and word-of-mouth. Winning airlines that cite their awards in print and online advertising create a double impact: they are able to promote themselves as being an award winner in a specific category, creating value to their brand while they also promote the Passenger Choice Awards program overall.

Does APEX provide marketing collateral to help me promote the awards? 
Yes. We want you to have the necessary resources to get your brand and the awards in front of your passengers. We provide an array of options, including Passenger Choice Awards logos and digital banner ads available for member use. We also provide you with messaging information so that airlines may customize how the awards are advertised. Members may access a kit of promotional Passenger Choice Awards material by clicking here.

The Passenger Choice Awards survey is in 13 languages. Does APEX have web and print ads in all the languages?

Is the Passenger Choice Awards survey open to everyone?  
Yes. Anyone who flies should be encouraged to fill out the survey.

Can passengers vote more than once?
Yes. We encourage passengers to vote every time they fly.

Does a passenger have to fill out the entire survey?  
No. The survey is organized so that passengers may fill out the sections that are of interest to them. For example, a passenger can select whether to rate an airline’s inflight publication, its food and beverage service, etc. This structure makes the survey less cumbersome for passengers who would like to participate quickly.

When is the regular awards cycle? 
The Passenger Choice Awards are open year-round. The awards are based on a cycle that runs 1 July through 30 June so that winners may be announced at the annual APEX EXPO. Because the survey is ongoing, airlines can optimize promotions around holidays and heavy travel seasons.

How are the winners determined?  
In short, your passengers are the judges. The completed surveys are tabulated by the globally respected ratings firm, The Nielsen Company. Nielsen uses a thorough algorithm to weigh survey results and select the winners.

My airline has a smaller fleet than some of the larger global airlines. How will my survey results be weighed against theirs?
The Nielsen Company tabulation method takes into account many factors – including quality of service based on responses and the total number of responses – to give all participating airlines a fair chance of winning. It is important to stress quality very much matters in the Nielsen algorithm. To further promote fairness, “Best Overall” awards are divided by airline size – those up to 50 IFE equipped in fleet and those over 50 IFE equipped in fleet.

How can a small-budget airline compete with a larger one?
APEX takes steps to level the playing field by conducting general Passenger Choice Awards promotional campaigns so that we can share the burden of marketing costs. Additionally, this program is made to be inexpensive to the airline, especially if members take advantage of the collateral provided by APEX itself. Airlines are encouraged to be creative. The more avenues you take, the better you can ensure that passengers will fill out a survey!




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