Newcomer of the Year


The Newcomer of the Year Award is for a product or service created by a new member company (that joined in the last two years).  This award is designed to recognize a specific achievement which an airline has successfully used and implemented this past year (year defined as 1 July, 2013 – 30 June, 2014). Entries for the 2014 award were due by 15 July 2014

Achievements might be a new app, catering system, or marketing driven product. To qualify for this award the achievement must be of direct benefit to the passenger and/or airline, innovative, the technology or logistics should be useable again (sustainable). It should be of considerable additional merit if the achievement is also of benefit or improvement for the whole industry.

Companies wishing to participate must submit, along with the nomination form, a 1000 word description of any single achievement it has accomplished within the last 12 months. The submission may be accompanied by no more than 3 jpeg images if relevant.



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