Best Single Achievement in Passenger Experience

The award for Best Single Achievement in Passenger Experience recognizes a specific achievement—rather than a general improvement—which an airline has successfully implemented. This award is only open to AIRLINES. 

To qualify for this award, achievements may be technical, programmatic or marketing driven; and can be hardware-, software- or content-related; and must directly benefit either the passenger and/or the airline. It will be considered of additional merit if the achievement also benefits the industry as a whole.

Members wishing to participate must submit a 1,000-word description of any single hardware, software or content-related achievment accomplished in the past 12 months along with a downloadable form (links below). The submission may be accompanied by no more than three JPEG images, if relevant. It should be stressed that the objective of this award is to honor a specific achievment rather than an ongoing improvement of content or hardware. Appropriate examples include: a new inflight guide, magazine or GUI; a technological advance enabling delivery of specific content, or a new seat.

Deadline to participate in 2014 was 30 June.

Entries are judged by an industry panel comprised of representatives from every part of the airline passenger experience community: airline, hardware, software, distributor, lab and service company. 

Winners were announced at the awards ceremony during the APEX EXPO on 15 September at Anaheim Convention Center.

2014 Best Single Achievement in Passenger Experience Winner:

Norwegian: Interactive ‘Geotainment’ moving map




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